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DrillCorp Zimbabwe Has Over 5 Years of Service in Harare, Zimbabwe.

DrillCorp Zimbabwe specializes in providing drilling services in areas where there is limited access. If you are carrying out an environmental site assessment, environmental remediation or geotechnical investigation in an area with limited access, DrillCorp Zimbabwe can help.

Many of our methods are designed and developed in-house by our technical staff, who rely on their years of experience in environmental and geotechnical drilling in Zimbabwe. We believe in providing our clients with high calibre drilling crews – all DrillCorp Zimbabwe drilling staff are either fully experienced technicians, and our staff are trained in environmental sciences, geology or drilling.

DrillCorp Zimbabwe
DrillCorp Zimbabwe

Our drilling services are particularly appropriate for difficult access areas that are not accessible to conventional truck-mounted drills. If you have an alley, a backyard, a shop floor, a basement or a closet, a DrillCorp Zimbabwe crew can put a hole in it.

We are often told by consultants and engineers that DrillCorp Zimbabwe drills are also more cost and/or technically effective in areas where they previously used truck-mounted equipment. We have an inventory of many different drilling methods and techniques, most of which we have developed as the result of challenges presented by our clients. On an ongoing basis, we are continually upgrading our equipment and developing new methodologies for soil and groundwater investigations.

During the five years that DrillCorp Zimbabwe has provided drilling services in Zimbabwe, a large focus of our work has been drilling in the Manicaland Province. We have done extensive drilling in Mutare, Mutasa, Nyanga, Makoni, Chimanimani, Buhera and Chipinge.

We have worked with many of the geotechnical and environmental consulting companies in Zimbabwe and are proud that our customers keep returning to us. If you need a driller in Zimbabwe, then DrillCorp Zimbabwe would be pleased to provide experienced drillers and equipment for geotechnical investigations, environmental site assessments and environmental cleanups.

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DrillCorp Zimbabwe has over 15 years of experience in Zimbabwe. The company provides Borehole Drilling and Casing Services around Zimbabwe. DrillCorp Zimbabwe's dedicated team has the required experience and expertise to deliver every service beyond customer expectation. Contact Us now for all your borehole needs.

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DrillCorp Zimbabwe provides Unprecedented and Efficient Borehole Drilling and Casing Services throughout Zimbabwe and the surrounding region both in the private sector and for international organizations.

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