Borehole Drilling Prices In Zimbabwe

Welcome to DrillCorp Zimbabwe - Irrigation and Water Engineering company in Zimbabwe – the professionals of irrigation and water systems designs, installations, repair, and maintenance. 

We are an irrigation and water engineering company specializing in irrigation and water systems design, installations, repairs and maintenance

We specialize in irrigation and water engineering works including feasibility studies, designs, installations, repairs and maintenance.

Our Services Include:

1. Water Systems Installation: The DrillCorp Zimbabwe team is comprised of skilled and experienced water engineers, civil engineers to mention, our installation pass the test of time.

2. Water and Irrigation Systems Repairs and Maintenance: Whether you are looking to repair or maintain your existing water system, DrillCorp Zimbabwe has the expertise you need to bring back your system to work and guarantee the test of time.
DrillCorp Zimbabwe
DrillCorp Zimbabwe
3. Hydrogeological Survey: If you are looking at drilling a borehole, we have qualified and experienced hydrogeologists. We make sure our team has enough time on your site so more than three points are sampled and the best selected. Our reports include and are not limited to; water demand assessment, Vertical Electrical Sounding (Ves) data analysis in both tabular and graphic representation (Apparent Resistivity Versus Depth), expected well yield in respect to water demand, proposed well design and some information of interest to the client. In all, all information required by you and any contractor is availed in our reports. 

4. Borehole Drilling and Casing: DrillCorp Zimbabwe uses the right machinery on your borehole and casing as recommended by the hydrogeologist.

5. Pumping Test: We use the right machinery during pump and recovery testing so you can fully maximize your borehole. 

6. Solar Equipment: Including Solar Pumps from Grundfos, Lorentz and customized solar pumps etc.

7. Fittings: Most fittings necessary for complete water, irrigation or solar water system including pipes, dam liners, valves, submersible cables, water meters, etc

DrillCorp Zimbabwe is on the basis of providing customers with quality services and products in a timely and understandable manner to the customer. With a combination of internationally certified irrigation and water products, customer satisfaction is a guarantee.

Our commitment is to provide excellence in our services by conducting all our businesses with a high level of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

The Best Borehole Drilling Company in Zimbabwe:

DrillCorp Zimbabwe has over 15 years of experience in Zimbabwe. The company provides Borehole Drilling and Casing Services around Zimbabwe. DrillCorp Zimbabwe's dedicated team has the required experience and expertise to deliver every service beyond customer expectation. Contact Us now for all your borehole needs.

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DrillCorp Zimbabwe provides Unprecedented and Efficient Borehole Drilling and Casing Services throughout Zimbabwe and the surrounding region both in the private sector and for international organizations.

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