The Essence of Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe - The Trusted Name In Boreholes!

Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe is an excellent way of providing your own private water supply. Water is essential for survival. 

In the early days, water was taken from adjacent streams and rivers or from shallow holes simply dug into the ground. Evidence exists that in Roman times wells or boreholes with their associated pipelines became very sophisticated. Water companies have only had the right to charge the public for using water since Victorian times. They make very substantial profits for providing water, usually not very efficient and sometimes not at all in the case of hosepipe bans!

Did you know that up to 60% of mains water comes from recycled wastewater and in order to maintain satisfactory quality through long-distance pipes mains water contains chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals; by borehole drilling, your private water supply, maybe with the help of simple filtration and no requirement for any chemicals, will provide pure drinking water of the highest quality.

OWN and CONTROL your own private borehole water supply and have an additive-free, quality, natural, uninterrupted water supply with very low usage costs!
The Essence of Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe - The Trusted Name In Boreholes!
The Essence of Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe - The Trusted Name In Boreholes!
Today, we have the freedom to extract water from a borehole or well drilled on our own land and for our own use, without any licenses or permissions being required up to a considerable, quantifiable amount. DrillCorp Zimbabwe can help you to accomplish this on your own land. 

If you so wished you could have your own borehole drilled and working by the end of the week!

DrillCorp Zimbabwe can drill water boreholes close to buildings and are practically invisible, all you will see is a manhole cover and this can be concealed with turf, gravel, paving etc. depending on your own personal requirements.

We Offer Borehole Drilling For:

  • Domestic Properties
  • Farms
  • Equestrian Centres
  • Race Courses
  • Water Supply Companies
  • Bottling Plants
  • Amenity Companies
  • Distilleries
  • Commercial Outlets
  • Hospitals
  • Golf Courses
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hotels

Phone or Send A WhatsApp message now for a FREE quote and advice, you will be one step closer to borehole drilling your own private water supply!

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The Cost or Prices For Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe:

1. Siting: $100.00USD
2. Drilling and Casing: (40 Metres) $1300.00USD - (Using Class 6)
3. AC Electrical Installation: $1000.00USD
4. Solar Pump Installation: $1400.00USD
5. Extra Metres After 40 Metres: USD $45.00USD per metre.
6. 5000 Litre Tank and 4 metre Tank Stand: $1000.00USD
7. Stuck Pump Fishing Out: $180.00USD
8. Capacity Testing: $250.00USD

- Casing with Class 9 Casing incurs an additional $200.00USD.
- Double Casing: $20.00USD per metre.

Note this is the average price borehole companies charge for their services in Zimbabwe, but this figure is subject to changes if conditions are different depending on the construction site.

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